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The company has always been promoting the idea of customer-centered and creating value for customers; high-efficiency and team spirit are the basic requirements for every employee; establishing learning organization is the necessary condition for company¡¯s sustained and steady development; Weifeng provides ¡°great undertakings, big company, big school and big family¡± platform for every employee to create their life and career, employee is the fundament of a enterprise, as well as the partner. The purpose of our company culture is to enable the employees to make common development and progress with the enterprise.

¡°Sincere, pragmatic, innovation, service¡± is the value of Weifeng people, the core of the value is ¡°be a true man before everything you do¡ªbe an honest person and then do practical work¡±, which is the distinctive core of company culture gradually formed during the development course of Weifeng.

Weifeng takes sincere as the forerunner, pragmatic as the basis, innovation as the means, and service as the guarantee, which have been commonly accepted and recognized by the employees with the development process of Weifeng, and it will be continuously improved and made progress keeping pace with the times.

Sincere: be a true man before everything you do, it requires all staff of the company to treat colleagues and customers with sincerity, honesty and trustworthiness, treat others with respects.¡¡

Pragmatic: it requires all staff to do his work steadily and diligently, pay attention to steady, preciseness, actual effects, applicability during work.

Innovation: our knowledge, ideas and methods must place the leading position in the society, actively improve, brave to exploit, seek the best.

Service: establish the idea of ¡°customer-centered¡±, constantly improve the service consciousness of company to customer, company to society, and between company departments, as well as posts.

Weifeng for society: continuously create employment opportunities, honest to pay taxes according to the law, actively promote the progress of society civilization.

Weifeng for customers: provide products with excellent quality, reasonable price, punctual delivery time, meet the expectation and requirement of customers.

Weifeng for partners: partners are good friends of Weifeng, we will treat with sincerity based on fair cooperation for mutual benefits and common development.

Weifeng for employees: provides the career platform for fulfilling individual ideality; constantly cultivates the employees¡¯ comprehensive abilities, enables employees to make progress with company together; make the employee to work in a sincere, friendly, harmonious and happy atmosphere.


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